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1 Scientific-Applied Training Center of Farzanegan Andishmand Massoud (FAM), Tehran, Iran

2 Shafa nevroscience research center, khatam Alanbia Hospital, Tehran, Iran

3 Department of Biology, Islamic Azad University, Parand Branch, Tehran, Iran


Introduction and Aim: According to the WHO definition, recurrent miscarriage is a consecutive pregnancy loss before weeks 22. Different factors involved in recurrent abortion as a multifactorial disease. Genetic factors are one of the important factors associated with recurrent abortion. VEGFA (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor A) is one of the important gene in angiogenesis. MTHFD1 (Methylenetetrahydrofolate Dehydrogenase, Cyclohydrolase, And Formyltetrahydrofolate Synthetase 1) is a protein-coding gene that metabolism folate. The goal of this article is to assess the association between single nucleotide polymorphisms of VEGFA and MTHFD1 and the recurrent miscarriage in Iranian women.
Material and method: The study group was 50 women with recurrent miscarriages and the control groups consisted of 10 women with at least two successful pregnancies and no miscarriages. The DNA extracted from leucocytes cells. PCR was used to find the association between VEGFA and MTHFD1 genes and recurrent miscarriages. Analyzing performed with FinchTV software after data sequencing.
Result: Our results showed that the polymorphism frequency of CC and CT in rs2236225 VEGFA were 86% and 14% in women with recurrent miscarriages and 90% and 10% in the control group. the polymorphism frequency of GG and GA in rs3025039MTHFD1 were 82% and 18% in women with recurrent miscarriages and no polymorphism was detected in the control group.
Conclusion: These results showed that there is an association between single nucleotide polymorphisms of VEGFA and MTHFD1 and the recurrent miscarriage in Iranian women. Furthermore, MTHFD1 polymorphism could be a molecular marker in the diagnosis of recurrent miscarriage.


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