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1 Department of Environment Alborz province

2 Department of Biotechnology, University of Alzahra, Iran


Introduction and aim: The current study is provided for floristic research of Pinnulariaceae for the first time in Iran from 1972 to July 2021. The pinnulariaceae family contains 6 genera Pinnularia, Oestrupia, Hygropetra, Envekadea, Diatomella, and Craspedopleura which are two genera Pinnularia and Diatomella have been recorded in Iran. The purpose of the present study was to provide a checklist of Pinnularaceae in Iran ecosystems.
Methods: Different recourses were used to provide this paper, including the thesis of students' dissertations, books, and articles. The old taxonomic names of taxa were converted to new names based on algae-based websites.
Results: This taxonomic list contains 2 genera comprises Diatomella and Pinnularia. It includes 52 species with emphasis on the Pinnularia Ehrenberg genus from various ecosystems. The Pinnularia was the most frequent genus with 51 species and 98% of the species in the Pinnulariaceae. Diatomella Greville was stand in the second genus in the frequency of population (2%) with 1 species. There are only one species of Diatomella in the current checklist of Pinnulariaceae which has been reported from Kordan River in Alborz Province.
Conclusion: Some of the species’ names have changed based on this update.


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