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Department of Clinical Science, Faculty of veterinary medicine, Islamic Azad university of Shahrekord, Shahrekord, Iran


Introduction and aim: This study was concentrated on the algae effects and compare it with the atorvastatin drug on the lowering of cholesterol and blood sugar.
Methods: In this research 24 native breed dogs were used for 30 days, the dogs were divided into three groups of eight, a group of control, a group orally receiving 2­gr Spirulina, and receiving a group of 5­mg/kg of Atorvastatin, and then blood samples were analyzed.
Results: We observed mainly reduction and increase in blood glucose in Spirulina and atorvastatin receiver groups respectively (P= 0.001). Evaluation of lipid factors in dogs were declined in total cholesterol, Low-Density Lipoprotein levels, and Triglyceride factors (P<0.001). This research illustrated that the use of Spirulina in dogs for a short time could improve lipid and liver factors.
Conclusion: Considering that the results of the present study are showed that using Spirulina can be concluded without worrying about allergic reactions and its side effects. It can also be used as a replacement for chemical drugs.


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