Original Article tissue engineering and Regenerative medicine
Evaluation of Chitosan Scaffold Synthetized by Enzymatic Method and Its Efficacy for Loading Neonatal Fibroblast Cells

Akram Fadavi; Rahim Ahmadi; Sepideh Shahbaz Gahrouei; Maryam Hassan Nasab

Volume 2, Issue 2 , October 2021, Pages 1-7


  Background and aim: Many studies have shown that chitosan scaffolds can be used to load stem cells, but the findings are still challenging. Therefore, the present study evaluated the properties of chitosan scaffolds synthesized by the enzymatic method and their efficiency for loading neonatal fibroblast ...  Read More

Original Article tissue engineering and Regenerative medicine
Study of mouse adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells differentiation to hepatocyte-like using gelatin/laminin 3D scaffold

Elaheh Roshanzadeh; Abbas Sahebghadam Lotfi; Sareh Arjmand

Volume 2, Issue 2 , October 2021, Pages 8-20

  Introduction and Aim: Using 3D culture to increase cell density and creating a suitable bedrock for the growth and proliferation and differentiation of stem cells is one of the important methods for their application in tissue engineering. In this study, mesenchymal stem cells of adipose tissue because ...  Read More

Original Article Cell culture and Tissue culture
The effects of Hemorrhois ravergieri saliva on the viability of human dermal fibroblasts (HDF) cells

Arefeh Kamali; Abbas Zare MirakAbadi

Volume 2, Issue 2 , October 2021, Pages 21-27

  Introduction and Aim: Many colubrid snakes produce toxic oral secretions and some species have caused severe reactions in humans. In this research toxicity of Duvernoy´s gland secretion (DGS) from Hemorrhois ravergieri (aglyph) has been studied.Methods: In this study, the effect of Hemorrhois ravergieri ...  Read More

Original Article Cancer tissue and cell culture
The cytotoxic effect of progesterone on viability and Nitric oxide gene expression in fibroblastoma cells (L929)

Mina Maftoon; Rahim Ahmadi

Volume 2, Issue 2 , October 2021, Pages 28-34

  Introduction and Aim: Fibroblastoma is a common skin malignancy and a common cause of morbidity worldwide. Studies have shown that sex steroid hormones including progesterone have cytotoxic effects on cancer cells. According to this, the present study aims to determine the effects of progesterone cytotoxic ...  Read More

Original Article Cell culture and Tissue culture
Synthesis of sodium alginate nanoparticles containing Agkistrodon halys snake venom and evaluation of biological activity and survival of colon cancer cells (SW-480)

Sahar Salmanzadeh Zehkesh; Naser Mohammadpour Donighi

Volume 2, Issue 2 , October 2021, Pages 35-42

  Introduction and Aim: Alginate nanoparticles have been used in novel drug delivery systems due to marvelous features including biocompatibility, biodegradable, mucoadhesive, and non-toxic. At present various types of adjuvants are used against snake venom, as a solution, suspension, or emulsion systems, ...  Read More

Original Article Animal cell and culture
Investigated the effects of ultrasound waves on serum levels of DHEA-SO4, testosterone, and testicular tissue in male rats

Mohammad Karamali Gilaneh; Rahim Ahmadi; Fatemeh Amini Khodashahri

Volume 2, Issue 2 , October 2021, Pages 43-50

  Introduction: Many studies have shown the relationship between ultrasound and the function of the reproductive system. However, the mechanism of ultrasound waves action on sex hormones and testicular tissue is not perfectly clear. Accordingly, the present study investigated the effects of ultrasound ...  Read More